Inspiring Artist, Alma Stoller

Last night I briefly introduced you to this week’s artist, Alma Stoller.  Today we’ll get to take a closer look at the artist and her inspirations.

Please introduce yourself and your art a little bit.

My name is Alma Stoller and I am a multi-media artist, designer and blogger.
I live in New York City with my partner and my two kids.

I create mostly in fabric, fiber, and mixed media art, but I enjoy dabbling in everything. In the past few years, I have been playing with paper mache and mixed media sculptures. I am looking forward to sharing the launch of my new website and Etsy shop. I also do quite a bit of self-publishing. I create art zines where I write and share an assortment of tutorials and creative ideas. I have a few of my zines available at:

For me art is…

a form of meditation, healing and cleansing.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new line of one-of-a-kind pieces composed of jewelry, home decor and accessories.

Can you tell us a little bit about your Art Journals?

My art journals are creative explorations….some I keep to myself and some I share.
It is where I play with color, design and texture. I really don’t do much ‘journaling’ in it, I mostly just explore and use it as a workout to exercise ideas, creative concepts and freeform doodling.

Who has inspired you?

One book that completely took me in the direction of journaling was a book called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. She encourages you to create a self-discovery journal by collecting magazine images that speak to you. I started that in 1998 and it is a process that still inspires me today.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

I actually have two that speak to me the most.

And the day came,
when the risk to remain in a tight bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

by: Anais Nin.

and the other is,

Your work is to discover your work
and then with all your heart,
to give yourself to it.

by: Buddha

Are there any tips to living a creative life that you’d like to share?

I think it is important to remember that you have to feed your creativity.
Take yourself out to an art show or a museum once a month or so. Get out and walk, go to a park, or hang out at a coffee shop with journal in hand. It is amazing the ideas that will come to you when you are out of your comfy element and comfort zone.

Try a creative challenge for a week….for example, try doing something slightly different than what you normally do.

Challenge yourself to: paint with three colors for a week….see what happens.
Challenge yourself to : draw a flower everyday for a week, or to create a collage-a-day for a month.
These are just some examples, but you get the idea.

These are all things that will nurture you and help you to expand what you already do.

Another tip is to take classes from other teachers. As an instructor currently teaching in 21 Secrets, I can say that the sharing has been transformative. Connecting with my students has been a joy, I have learned so much from them and it has strengthen my teaching skills.

Where can people find you and your work?

I am currently teaching a class called Child’s Play Workshop as part of 21 Secrets (click here for more information) and I will be posting a new series of online classes soon.

I have several creative tutorials in my blog and I encourage you to stop by and give it a try.

Sign up for my Newsletter and Follow my blog to keep in touch with the various things I do. I love sharing my process.

Jeniffer, Thank you so much for doing this. I am so honored.

Thank you! This is wonderful!  That quote by Anais Nin actually sits on my desk.  It feels like a day I have come to time and time again in my own life.  Amazing how we can continue to open up.

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Love & Blessings,

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  1. ChristineB
    June 8, 2011

    Alma, I loved meeting you in this inverview – especially as I too work in fabric, stitch and fiibers as well as paint/mixed media. I hopped over to your blog after reading this and loved what I saw. I shall definitely put you on my blog list. I also often use newspaper in my art and I just love your ladies with their newspaper noses! You are an inspiration with your lovely quotes and prompts too! I’m so glad Jeniffer interviewed you this week. You always come up trumps Jeniffer! I have always found that artists are, in general, such generous, caring, sharing people and this series just proves the point!


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