This is where I spent my weekend!

These are the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC.  This image was taken while driving down the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have lots of thoughts roaming around inside my head trying to compose themselves into an inspiring blog post.  But, they are just swirling around and I am finding it difficult to find the words that describe the experience I just had.  Let me sum it all up briefly by saying, it was a magical!

My friend and I went with no agenda, no plans, no schedule.  We just felt called by the mountains.  Listening and trusting our hearts to guide us, we simply did one thing at a time.  We visited the downtown shops, drove down scenic roads, meditated on top of a mountain, practiced Reiki, ate incredibly sumptuous vegan food, attended a hot yoga class, and conversed about transformation and strength.

We created and allowed balance within ourselves and brought it home with us.  It is beautiful!

How about you?  Where do you go when you need to refresh and renew yourself?  When is the last time you allowed yourself to experience it?  I think it may be time for a vacation!

In Love & Blessings,


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