The Present

This afternoon I am sitting outside working on editing my book. I came across a passage I had written that mirrored a conversation I just had with a friend. We were talking about the meaning of the phrase “living in the moment.” Since it seems important that I share(and remember) this message, I thought I’d share it with you too.

“You are still working on knowing yourself, trusting yourself and believing in yourself. Know that this is okay. It’s okay! It’s okay to be exactly where you are. In fact where you are is perfect. Accept that. As you are not judged, do not judge yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself exactly where you are. You have spent your life in past minded thinking. Be in the present. This is where YOU really are. It is perfect exactly as it is and you are perfect exactly as you are in the present. You are still learning and that is okay.” -me 🙂

Funny how these same lessons keep coming back in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to believe that I wrote this all in the first place.

May each moment of your day be beautiful!

Love & Blessings,

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