I am officially back to work in my studio after last week’s vacation. I realize that we needed that trip away from our daily lives so that we could clear our minds. This was especially important with Dan recently leaving his job so that we can start our new work together.

The local scenery.

We stayed in a rural town not far from the beach. Our days were spent hiking, flying kites, collecting shells and playing in the sand. It was one week immersed in living simply with nature.

Myself and my son Noah at the beach. Photo taken by my husband Dan.

In addition to spending a lot of quality time with my family, I spent quite a bit of time in personal reflection. I read, I wrote in my journal (A LOT), I walked alone at sunrise. By the end of the week I had reached a blissful place. I felt and understood the connection of everything and my role within it.

Sunset at the campground.

The trick is to maintain this sense of connection now that we are back home. I have vowed to make space again in my life for daily quiet time, meditation and reflection.

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  1. Cheryl
    February 21, 2011

    Yay glad you’re back. I am also glad you were able to go on your trip. Sounds so lovely. I think I am going to try to do something similar before baby is here.


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