Happy Drawing

I just had to share with you this little drawing I did in my Journal the other night. Typically I don’t do much actual drawing in my journal. However, I just took an online class at 21 Secrets that inspired this page. One of the perks of being an instructor is having early access to the classes : ) Yay!

Wanting to do something completely different, I decided my first class would be Jane Davenport’s “Draw Happy.”

I had a lot of FUN playing around with different drawing supplies, creating loose doodles and a whimsical journal page.

Here is a peek at the preview video she did for the class.

Jane’s videos were sweet and personal. She instructs from her studio as well as from the beach at Byron Bay in Australia where she lives. (She has a super cute accent to boot.)

I could not believe the wealth of knowledge she shared regarding drawing supplies. Seriously, I thought a pen was a pen, boy was I wrong. I spent quite a bit of time searching through my studio digging out every drawing tool I had just to test them all out!

If you are joining us at 21 SECRETS, the online art journal playground, be sure to check out Jane’s class. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it too!

To learn more about 21 SECRETS or to register for the class click here. It will take you to our host Dirty Footprints Studio.

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