"Goddess" redefined

I’ve never thought much about the word “Goddess.” Well, that’s not completely true. I suppose I’ve thought enough about it to label it, to judge it. And to decide that the word just simply did not apply to me or my life in any way shape or form. It was simply reserved for other people whose life experiences were very different from mine.

As I’ve often said, I believe it’s important to reevaluate our definitions of things from time to time. So last night I decided to jump into a course I was a little hesitant to take at 21 SECRETS. Leonie’s (aka Goddess Leonie’s) workshop is entitled “Connect with the Goddess Inside You.”

Once I began her video introduction, my labels quickly dissolved. Leoni seemed to glow with laughter and light. I knew I would enjoy this class. She led me on a guided meditation through beautiful imagery. It was an empowering and illuminating journey into myself.

I remembered my internal Self is free of all labels. This Self lives inside us all. Words mean nothing at this level of our being.

We simply create words to try to capture what we know is there. Could we call it “The Goddess” inside of us? ABSOLUTELY!

(Completed journal page. I used water soluble pastels for this process.)

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