Creating 2011

As the year draws to a close we inevitably start thinking about the one before us.  What magnificent things do we wish to create in our lives this upcoming year?  Several years ago, I made a change in how I practice my New Year resolutions.  Instead of making a hard to follow to do list, I began creating collages that held images of what I would like to see more of in my life.  I then place my collage in a spot where I see it everyday.  The last three have been stuck right on my desktop.  Surprisingly my new year resolutions became not only obtainable, but effortless.  I have found that when I hold thoughts towards happiness, happiness ultimately follows.

So when Jamie Ridler posed today’s Wishcasting prompt,  “What do you wish for the New Year?” I thought I would share my latest desktop collage for 2011.

Centered in the middle of the page, it is obvious that balance is my key word for 2011.  I WISH to ALLOW the natural BALANCE of my life to unfold.  When I feel off balance, I wish to remember that I HAVE the POWER to redistribute the weight by NURTURING my SOUL through ART and through NATURE.

In my first wishcasting blog post I had mentioned a new workshop idea.  I have since been working on it’s development and thank you all for your support through this process.  As part of the new “Wishes & Dreams” workshop I will be sharing more information on my personal experiences with “Vision Boards” and will help others discover how to use this powerful tool along with written exercises to create their own best 2011!

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