Visions Revealed

2014Wow!  I am overwhelmed by the amount of people who have joined us in the “Creating 2014, Vision Board Party!”  Thank you to everyone who has participated.  Whether you have done so in the quiet of your own home or you have shared your process with me, I are truly honored.  It has been an incredible joy to receive emails with Vision Board pictures along with your words of intention.  YOU have so deeply inspired me!!  

As promised, our guest, Natasha Reilly has posted her final Vision Board on her website.  Visit to see pictures of her playful board along with her inspirational story.  Thank you Natasha for opening your heart with us!  Big hugs to you for inspiring us all.

2014 is going to be a fantastically creative year – I can feel it!  Much love to you all as you venture on your creative journey. 

Love & Blessings,


PS. If you missed the blog party, you can view it here.

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