Aim & Fire: Guest Post by Whitney Freya


This is my symbol, my “yantra” (my visual mantra) for 2014. This year goal setting is about deciding on my symbol for the year.

The symbol of the arrow has been attracting my eye for months. The energy if the arrow helps you focus, take aim, and bring home exactly what you want. When our ancestors hunted they didn’t just aim their arrow any ol’ direction and shoot. They focused very narrowly on exactly what they wanted as their target.

I have been more like the hunter shooting off arrows in all directions because of, if I’m honest, a fear of asking for exactly what I want.


You have an “army” of angels and guides all around you just waiting for your command. You are the leader at the front of a cosmic army of joy and love. They want nothing more than to bring home for you exactly what will increase your joy. What do you really, really, really want? Claim it. Take careful aim. And go for it!

I invite you to create your own #heARTbeat symbol for 2014. This is visual goal setting. Stay tuned for a free online event to help you with this. I can’t wait!

Also, just for Jen’s audience, you can get TWO sacred symbol prescriptions for the price of one. Simply read more HERE and upon purchase, enter your friend’s email or that you are a friend of Jen’s and I will intuit TWO sacred symbols, one for you and one for your friend.

Happy holidays, everyone! May your joy find the “gifts” that surround you on so many levels!

heARTfully yours,










Whitney Freya is the author of The Artist Within: A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.  Whitney Freya is originally from Chicago and is a graduate of The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of General Studies, a perfect degree considering that Whitney has also co-created two wine bars in Nashville (Rumours Wine Bar), leads corporate creativity workshops, teaches art and creativity classes, and is a mother of three.  Visit Whitney at


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