The Next Step

This evening I came across a bookmark lying on the floor. It apparently had an important message for me…
“In the ‘feeling stuck’ times: when it is no longer possible to be as you were and not yet possible to be as you will be… Berating and badgering yourself only make the painful ‘between’ time more trying.
Remember to ease up, be patient and tender with yourself; rest and trust that, deep within, the new growth is germinating! The next step always unfolds when you’re fully ready for it!” – For the Little Ones Inside, Robyn L. Posin.

Changes seem to always be challenging. My house is literally being taken over by boxes. New walls seem to be erecting themselves, leaving me with narrow passageways through my home. The end is in sight. Or rather a new beginning.

Endings and beginnings seem to have a way of working together despite their apparent differences. I’ve personally had a lot of experience with this. My mother’s passing, three years ago, coincided with my pregnancy and move into my current home. As a result the clearing out of “stuff” usually associated with moving has taken on a new meaning for me with this move. It has become a time of physical and emotional cleansing. My journals, and apparently my blog, have become an outlet for the emotional aspects that have risen.

Nearing the end of the first half of this move I recognize how much I’ve been able to physically weed out as well. I’ve filled my car with donations, sent friends home with china sets, and made several neighbors happy with roadside giveaways. Staring at the rows of boxes this evening, I wonder how much lies within them that I could truly live with out. Quite a lot I am sure, and yet, I carefully packed each item into it’s temporary container believing it was not time to part with it.

In two days I will officially be moving into our new home. I have decided what to take with me (for now anyway) and look forward to letting the next step unfold from here.

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  1. Mary
    September 22, 2010

    I know you are looking forward to settling into your new home.
    the hard stuff is mostly behind you, enjoy the process of making your house a home.



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