Taking Flight

It’s Wednesday. Time for more Wishcasting with Jamie Ridler Studios. Today’s prompt: How do you wish to soar?

Lately I’ve been finding myself standing in front of a mental fork in the road. One path would take me slowly down the winding path of the mountain and up the other side. The second path before me is a the swinging rope bridge high above the ravine. It’s like I can see the shiny lights of my dreams right across that bridge.

Fear is holding me back. Stepping out onto that bridge scares me. Maybe I should be reasonable about this and take the time to pack my gear for the long journey down path number one. Get a tent, some food, rain gear… or I could just go, right now across that bridge.

Jamie’s prompt has presented to me a third option, FLIGHT. So today, in this moment, I WISH to SOAR with WINGS of TRUST and FAITH. I WISH to jump off this cliff and FLY towards my DREAMS with GRACE.

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