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For those of you who know me, or have been following this blog at all, you know that I love to journal. I tend to keep more than one journal at a time. Some I focus mainly on writing in and others tend to be filled with paint and collage. The two seem to be merging lately. Pictures, paint and lots of text have been a great way to work through all the thoughts in my head.

Here are the journal pages I’ve created over the last week. I’ve included a bit of the text from each page below the images.

“I have overcome the doubt. I have found my inner strength. I am strong, capeable, faithful, and grateful!”

“This gives creating my art a new purpose. It is not about creating something to sell or even to share with others. It is just about the process.”

“Practice, Practice, Practice”

“Your abilities are as limitless as God’s because you’re a distinct portion of the essnece of Him.” -Wayne Dyer

This page was created with my two year old son Noah.
“Here is a reminder to have fun and play in your journal. Enjoy yourself… Remember the point is to do it, not to do it perfectly. Give yourself permission to make a mess today.”

“They do work together.”

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