Create a Masterpiece


You are a one of a kind original.  You have unique gifts, talents and perspectives to share with the world.  Consider yourself a life artist.  With the power of imagination you can visualize the most beautiful expression of your life.  With a loaded brush you color the world with your thoughts, words and actions.  Every day provides the opportunity to add something new to your canvas.

Your life is a masterpiece in the making.  What will you paint?


Ready to dig deeper?  Celebrating your unique gifts and dreams is the topic for this month’s Artist’s Way Creativity Group.  Join the journey with creative peers online via FaceBook or at local KC classes.  For additional details click here.

Our next local meeting is Wednesday February 1st, 2017, 6:30-8:30pm @ Unity Temple on the Plaza • 707 W 47th St • Kansas City, MO 64112 • 816-561-4466 / Classroom D 

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