Your Imagination has Power!

Our imagination is a powerful tool. With it we can create all sorts of beautiful things. We recognize that artists harness this power to design buildings, make stories come to life, create a beautiful landscape on a blank canvas and write music with inspired lyrics. Whether you are an artist or not you can use the power of your imagination to create beautiful things as well.

With your imagination you get to create the most beautiful life you can imagine for yourself. Take a moment right now to close your eyes and imagine a scene from your perfect life. Where are you, what does it look like, who is there with you? Picture every little speck of detail in this one scene. Picturing what you want is one step to creating it in your life. After all, every new thing has it’s start in someone’s imagination.

One way of reminding yourself of your most beautiful dreams for your life is to create a vision board. The simple definition of a vision board is a collage of images that represent your dreams. Creating one is simple and fun. You can cut images out of a magazine that match the ideas in your imagination. Glue those images onto a poster board and VOILA! Be sure to display your board in a place where you will see it frequently.

I tend to do this project often throughout the year. It helps me to clarify my vision for my business as well as my personal life. Here is a peek at my most recent vision board. Not surprisingly, it primarily focuses on family, art & travel! I have it sitting right on my desk top so that I see it every time I sit down to work.

Remember YOUR Imagination has incredible Power! What dreams do you wish to create?

Love & Blessings,


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