You Never Know if You Don’t Try

You know that thing you keep saying you can’t do? What if you were wrong? What if you not only can do it, but you discover that you love doing it?

This was my experience with watercolor paints. For years I told myself and everyone who asked (and some who didn’t) that I could not paint with watercolors. It became an ingrained fear and personal belief. It all stemmed from my limited experience with the medium yearrrrrssss ago.

One day I decided I had enough of can’t. I was going to try. I committed to a personal challenge of watercolor painting for 30 days.

I combined the material with ink sketches. The first few days, I was quite hesitant, but then things began to shift. I gained greater confidence, learned about the material through practice and started liking the end result in all it’s loose and juicy mess. Since then, watercolor sketching has become a part of my creative toolkit that I use frequently.

You never know how much you can learn and grow unless you try.

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