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Perfect Health

When we experience discomfort or illness in our bodies it is often our first response to look for a cure for the symptoms.   Some times we take drugs or seek the advice of a medical professional.  Other times we may turn to homeopathic remedies such as herbs or oils.  These are all beneficial at treating symptoms.  However, we have a third option that many people don’t even know about.  We can seek health and wholeness within.  We can aid in our own healing by creating balance in our lives.  This type of healing goes beyond curing symptoms to healing the source of the problem.  

You are designed to live a healthy, happy life. When your body physically presents with something that causes you discomfort, you can ask, what is it trying to tell me? Your body is your ally not your enemy. With love and acceptance thank your body for sharing a message with you. Slow down. Rest. Ask yourself, what is the message this time? Where am I off balance physically, mentally or spiritually?  Am I treating my body with love, feeding it wholesome food, giving it healthy exercise, getting plenty of rest? How have I been feeling emotionally?  Is there something causing me stress, anxiety or worry?  Am I treating myself with love, praising my accomplishments, offering gratitude for life, allowing myself to do what I love? Am I nourishing my spirit and feeling connected to something greater than myself?

Many times, as you ask yourself these questions one (or more) answers will surface right away. You instinctively know where you are off balance. Physical symptoms are often your body’s way of shouting at you HEY SLOW DOWN! LISTEN!

When you really listen, you will know the answer.  One way of listening is to practice meditation.  As you quiet your mind and free your thoughts of your day to day life, answers often appear.   Oprah and Deepak Chopra are currently running a 21 day meditation program dedicated to the theme of Perfect Health.  If you are new to meditation, I highly recommend this free program, register here.

Another great tool for listening to your body is to journal.  There are many ways that keeping a journal will help you to listen.  You can use it to keep a running record of your life, what you do and who you do it with, your thoughts & feelings, what you eat & how often you exercise, insights gained from meditation and images from your dreams.  All of these things can be very useful for you to reflect back on.  It will help you to determine where your life is in balance and where it is currently off balance.  Another way to use your journal is to write out a dialog as though you are talking to your body or your Higher Self.  Using a question and answer format ask yourself questions and then write down the first answer that comes to your mind.  It may seem silly at first, but this is a great way to learn to trust your own instincts.

The good news is, simply knowing what is off balance can be enough to turn the table towards good health.  The next step is to focus on gratitude, forgiveness and love.  Offer deep gratitude for this learning opportunity.  Thank your body for asking you to listen and for helping you to get back in balance.  Forgive yourself for any choices you have made that may have caused you to feel off balance.  Forgive others any role you feel they may have played in your current situation.  Extend love to yourself and others involved.  Love yourself by making new choices that lead to greater balance in your life.  Commit to bringing balance to your whole self: body, mind and spirit.  Affirm your perfect health.

“The body responds to changes of mind; and when this is accompanied by truly wise living habits, the conformity to true ideas of life and power and love and substance and intelligence will renew it and make it every whit whole.” (Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity.  From Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters compiled by Frances W. Foulks.)

This post was written in response to your questions regarding a holistic approach to health.  In treating anything that is causing discomfort the key is balance.  Seek medical help when needed, but do not neglect self care.  Remember, you play an important role in your own healing.

Love & Blessings,


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