I’ve just discovered “Wishcasting Wednesdays” over at Jamie Riddler Studios. Jamie gives us the chance to focus our thoughts, discover what we want to bring into our lives, then to share and hold intentions with others.

I created this Visual Journal collage three days ago. Thank you, Jamie, for giving me the space to share these wishes!

Today I WISH to INVITE IN the continued STRENGTH and MOTIVATION to FOLLOW my BIG DREAMS. I WISH to BREAK FREE of any limitations I have set for myself. I WISH to HELP OTHERS BELIEVE they can do the SAME!

Ever notice that the more you think about something, the more it shows up in your life? I used to call that coincidence, but as I’ve said before, I don’t believe in coincidence anymore. I believe there is a direct relationship between what we think and what we experience. I’ve been experiencing this a lot in my life lately. Discovering Jamie’s “Wishcasting” today is a prime example.

Three days ago I sat down and began to develop ideas for a new online Visual Journal workshop, “Wishes and Dreams.” It would be a place for exploring the connection between our thoughts and our experiences. Here is some of my brainstorming, “I want to introduce more people to this powerful tool. Simple tools, creation, process, reflection & meditation. Teach how to be mindful of what you truly want to see in your life, follow through and take action towards your goals.” Wouldn’t this be an amazing way to start the New Year?

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