Natural Beauty

Nature has a magical way of refreshing the Soul. Pictures alone can not capture the feeling nor can words be used to describe it’s purity. It is something beyond words and images. As an artist I try to infuse my work with that energy that overcomes me as I find myself surrounded by natural beauty.

I have just returned from a magical vacation in the mountains. My husband Dan and I visited caverns, hiked alongside a waterfall and visited an historical apple orchard off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were refreshed. Daily responsibilities melted away the moment we set up our campsite alongside a peaceful lake. Along with our senses, our cameras inhaled the images and my pen tried to keep up with the thoughts I poured into my journal. It was a week of happily breathing life in deeply and gratefully. I am truly looking forward to turning these experiences onto canvas so that I can recapture the essence of each beautiful moment.

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