Journaling with Paint

I thought I’d share another step-by-step journal page with you. Hands on painting (literally) got me going for this ladder themed image. I hope the ideas presented here will inspire you to get messy and to try a new approach in your own journal.

Completed Journal Page

First I poured some silver craft paint directly onto the page and moved it around with my fingers.
Then added black paint with the same method
Next I poured a thin line of white craft paint at the top of the page.
I used a textured rubber stamp to drag the wet paint down the page.
The texture process was repeated in other areas of the page. Then I used a brush to add shapes on top of the surface.
Some of the shapes were filled in and a few details were added with brush strokes.
After letting the paint dry, rubber stamps in ink were used.
More stamping...
Finally I used a metallic marker to bring out the details in some of the stamped images.

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