Building Community

‎”If people come together in a spirit of cooperation, understanding, compassion, joy, peace, love and mutual blessing, imagine the energy they generate!” – Jafolla

I don’t think I could count how many times I have met someone new in this area, we’ve gotten to talking about spirituality and at some point they have said to me “I am so glad to know I am not alone here.”

The inward journey of self discovery (or better termed re-discovery) can sometimes feel like a lonely quest. We may feel that our paths are very different from “the norm” – what ever that means. Our outlook on things may seem a bit odd. Our definitions of the world around us, of ourselves and of God may not resonate with everyone we meet. (Perhaps our current environment may feel like it is anything but supportive of these definitions.)

But, trust me, there are many who will think your ideas are not complete nonsense. They will let you speak from your inner voice and know it is not crazy talk – it is the Truth. Our paths may not be identical – truly no two people walk the exact same path, but we recognize our goal to be the same. We are seeking to know more about the Presence greater than our individual selves, our connection with it and the world. You may call this Presence God, the Divine, Universe, Mother Goddess, Spiritual Source. Amongst the seekers of Truth, we recognize that these names do not separate us.

For those of us on this journey it is important to invite into our lives a safe, nurturing, and supportive spiritual group. Seek out spiritual communities, think of friends, family, and acquaintances who share your beliefs. They will help you to grow and develop your understanding of the Highest Source. This is the first step towards recognizing, we are not alone and we certainly are not crazy.

Aside from the mental relief of not being alone, a spiritual support group is invaluable on your quest. This journey is more rewarding when you travel with spiritual companions. You can call on these friends when your motivation is sagging or your Truths are being questioned. Their love and support will help you to continue on your journey. Together you can celebrate new spiritual insight, share ideas, talk about concepts you are working with or perhaps a new class you have taken.

Depending on your past experiences, it may be difficult for some people to feel comfortable being their true selves around others. Perhaps your beliefs were questioned or put down by someone close to you. Perhaps, like most of us, you feel self conscious about communicating with others on deeper levels than we normally do. This is where your spiritual support group can help you to branch out in a safe environment. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and fully be yourself. To ease the discomfort, consider it as though your inner highest self is communicating with the inner highest self of everyone you meet. Speak from your heart. From this point we will see how much we all really do have in common. From this sense of connectivity our own healing will naturally take place.

“Thank you, God, for my supportive friends. I now draw to me the right people with whom I share my journey. I know that their caring support is really an expression of Your great love.” -Mary Alice & Richard Jafolla in The Quest

Love & Blessings,

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