And she jumps

Last week I decided to take a last minute vacation. It wasn’t your typical vacation. I didn’t pack any bags or even leave the house very much. What I did was take a much needed break from my daily routine. I turned off the TV and the computer, I put my books away and I let the phone simply ring.  It opened up new ideas… well, actually old ideas, but with new passion.

  • I spent an entire day painting, just for fun.
  • I created lessons to help inspire others.
  • I went on a photo walk.
  • I meditated.
  • I practiced Yoga.
  • I read through old journals.
  • I declared that I am writing a book.

Yes, that’s right, it’s official now.  I am writing my story!  My desk is covered in notebooks, quotes, experiences and lessons to share.  There are piles of journals, post it notes sticking out of pages and notes scratched in pen.  My mind is overflowing with ideas that can’t wait to be organized.  I am inspired like never before.  I must keep the momentum going.  So if you find that my blog posts are a bit less frequent or my name isn’t appearing in the Facebook news feed quite as often, know that it is because I am on a mission.

This is me jumping off the cliff, wings spread wide open, soaring to the other side!

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