Unity Arts Ministry

Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins is the founding minister of Unity Arts Ministry, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) dedicated to spiritual enrichment and creative expression.  To view Jeniffer’s upcoming workshops, retreats and special events visit UnityArtsMinistry.org

Our Vision
We celebrate a world awakened to the Creative Spirit inherent in all.

Our Mission
We inspire personal growth, healing and transformation through spiritual enrichment and creative expression.

Our Core Values
Spirit-Centered, Creativity & Connection

We believe creativity is our birthright—and art-making can be practiced by anyone regardless of experience or artistic talent for the purpose of self-expression, growth and discovery. The very act of creative expression can be healing on many levels by providing an outlet for mental and emotional release and bringing integration to the mind, body, psyche and soul.

Exploring art-making can awaken curiosity and childlike wonder, becoming a form of conscious play. It can also be a tool for mindfulness by sharpening our focus, deepening our awareness and bringing us peace, joy and self-acceptance. In fact–as creative beings–engaging our creative impulses and expressing them without self-judgment or comparison to others can lead us home to our deepest nature and truest self.

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