“I thought I was signing up for an art workshop when I joined; I had no idea how beautiful or special or sacred – yes, sacred is a good word – this space was going to be. It’s not just about creating art, it’s about love, celebration, freedom and healing too.” -Lisa L.

“The Artist’s Way uncovered my creative blocks and gave me the language to talk about them. Working through the process with Jen Hutchins was amazing–she helped me find the strength and courage I needed to work through my issues and move toward the life I was meant to live.” -Melissa G., Writer

“I have loved this workshop. Thank you Jeniffer. It has given me a valuable tool to deal with the memories that overwhelm. I can conquer them through this. I feel EMPOWERED!” -Jo

“Being able to smear the paint and express myself while I squished and oozed my fingers in the mess of my past life was wonderful. Unbelievably comforting & healing.” -Joanne P.

“The process was extremely healing. The combo of the workshops has created a layered and thoughtful art therapy journal. Thanks, Jeniffer.” -Amanda K.

“Thanks so much for doing your work. It is truly the work that saves the world.” -Quinn M.

“Everything suddenly made so much sense. It was like a ton of weight was taken off my shoulders. It was okay being me and understanding what being enough is. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this experience.” -Linn

“Jeniffer, thank you for a wonderful workshop. This is a very powerful journaling exercise. I also want to thank you for being so emotionally honest, it was inspiring and boosted my courage in diving in.” -Karen

“Perfect timing Karma… I needed this class right now.  After two years of turmoil, this week is showing a lot of light at the end of my very long tunnel.  Thanks Jeniffer, for helping me tell myself what I already knew, but just needed to make that jump.” -Tracy C

“I loved your lesson because it helped me go much deeper in my journal than I had previously, without fearing that someone would see everything I wrote.  What I wanted was some sort of transforming experience, and this is exactly what happened.  I am so happy I found your class and that I tried the simple technique you shared.  Thank you so much.” -Meredith K.



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