Simplify is a word that keeps repeating for me lately.  Internally I feel guided towards activities which focus on de-cluttering my physical surroundings as well as my mind.

(photo taken in San Deigo, CA)

I have this overwhelming urge to clean the house, to get rid of things that no longer serve me.  Today I did this with the books in my bedroom.  My bedside table was turning into a mountain of books I’ve recently read along with a collection of new ones waiting their turn.  I managed to scale it down to a more manageable hillside of just four books.  Of course  the next simplification task lie in making room on a bookshelf for the remainder of the books.  I now have a collection of books ready to be donated to good will or perhaps passed along to friends.

Last weekend I did a similar clearing out of my mind and limiting belief systems.  I recognized that there were some thoughts and ideas (mostly assumed from someone else) that were keeping me from fully embracing new ideas.  With a few large sheets of paper and a set of colored markers I sat down and wrote out a list of these Self limiting thoughts.  I spent a moment in gratitude for whatever lessons I had learned from these beliefs in the past.  Then I released them symbolically by tearing the pages, bagging them and throwing them in the trash.

In clearing the things that I no longer need I am able to see more clearly what is important to me right now.  I am making space.  I am simplifying my life.

May you too find peace in simplification.

Love & Blessings,

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