Oops Journal Workshop Revealed

Last night, Facebook conspired with my website to give a sneak peek of my upcoming workshop.  Apparently this workshop just can’t wait to share itself with you.

Since “the cat’s out of the bag” I figured I’d go ahead and officially announce “HAPPINESS IS…” the first workshop in the “Wishes & Dreams” series.

In this section of the “Wishes & Dreams” online workshops we will take an introspective look at what makes us truly happy and how we can allow even more happiness into our lives.

Learn the tremendous healing power of keeping a “heArt Journal.”  It is a place where you work through and document your thoughts and ideas by playing with art materials.  You will use art, writing and reflection as tools for healing and personal growth. Working from the inside out, your heart and soul will be revealed to you on the page.


Cost: $45 (USD)

Pre-registration: begins next week!

Workshop Opens: October 1 … but, I’m thinking about letting you in a little early 🙂

You will receive:

  • Video Instruction from a professional artist
  • Helpful Handouts
  • Journal prompts
  • Lessons for creating SIMPLE Visual Journal pages
  • Assignments for personal reflection
  • Personal support and nurturing
  • Instant access to the entire workshop for 90 days! (work at your own pace)
  • Access to the online “Wishes & Dreams” community

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