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The world wide web;  blogs, websites, facebook, e-mail, you tube, online classes…  Isn’t it all amazing?  Really stop and think about this for a moment.  It’s not just talking to a friend down the street, but connecting with others around the WORLD on a very personal level.  Technology is changing quickly and taking us in unimagined directions opening new doors of possibility.

I am grateful for this tool.  I am grateful to be able to offer what I do to YOU no matter where you live.  I am grateful for every student who has participated in an online workshop.  I am grateful for the sales of my artwork generated through my online gallery.  I am grateful for the warm e-mails I receive in response to the work I am doing online.  I am grateful for the thoughtful responses on my blog posts.  I am grateful for every artist and creative soul I have met through online communication. I am grateful for YOU reading this right now.

The internet is a wonderful tool for which I am extremely grateful.  However, it can not replace doing this work in person.  I can not see students working through the process.  I can not sense their emotions and help them through with a gentle touch on the shoulder.  I can not show you my paintings in person sharing the story behind the piece.  I can not hold your hand written letters in my hand.  I can not share a heartfelt conversation with you over a cup of coffee.  I can not greet you with a warm smile.  I can not give you a BIG hug and tell you how much YOU mean to me.  (Believe me I would if I could!)

I want to meet YOU, I want to see YOU, I want to know YOU beyond the screen of my laptop.  What are you doing September 30th?  I’m hosting a retreat in the mountains of western North Carolina that weekend and I would LOVE for YOU to come!

Let’s get together.  We can relax, watch the sun rise over the mountains, meet new friends, go hiking,  drink coffee, share our dreams and make some art.  If this sounds like fun to you, visit the retreat page here.

Be sure to take advantage of the Memorial Day Special:  Register between Friday May 27th Saturday June 4th and receive a 20% refund!

Considering going, but want more information first?  Please do not hesitate to contact me

Love & Blessings,


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