Journal Prompt: Change

Get your journals out and get ready to create!

For those of you following my posts, you know I’ve mentioned Change a lot lately. It seems an appropriate topic for my first official “Journal Prompt.” Change can bring about so many emotions; hope, fear, excitement, doubt, energy and exhaustion. Think about a time of change in your life. Perhaps you are transforming right at this very moment. How does it feel? How do you face change? Do you embrace it? Do you fight it? Do you learn from it? Have you grown from it? What do you want to change? How would things look and feel if they did change?

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~Mary Engelbreit

Take a few minutes and reflect on the idea of change. Then get out your Visual Journal and any materials that are calling to you right now. Perhaps you would like to sketch in pen, smear paint with your fingers, cut images out of a magazine, write a page of text using every color in a box of 64 crayons, or combine all of the above. With journal in front of you and materials at hand, just begin. Don’t plan how your “finished” page will look. Just play around with the idea & materials and see where it takes you. Remember that there are no rules for working in your journal other than to have fun with the process.

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