Inspiring Artist, Rachel Whetzel

“Monday, Monday, la la la la…” Time to meet another Inspiring Artist!
This week I’d like to introduce you to another fabulous teacher I’ve met at 21 Secrets, Rachel Whetzel.

Hi Rachel, Please introduce yourself to the lovely readers.

I’m Rachel Whetzel. I was always the little girl with skinned knees. I was the girl in the middle of the boys competing to be the best tadpole catcher in the ditch out back. Sure. I played with dolls once in a while, but I secretly didn’t LIKE being girly. I hated pink. I loved snakes. I played tonka trucks with the neighbor boy. I played baseball with the boys. I caught grasshoppers barehanded. I NEVER screamed at spiders. I could catch lizards AND keep their tails in tact. I had rats for pets. At every chance I had, I tried to prove just how UNgirly I was. If you had told that little girl back then that when she was grown up, she would LIKE pink, and lace, and sparkles and DOLLS. Well. She would NEVER have believed you.

In 2006, I allowed myself to lay claim to the titles ARTIST. PHOTOGRAPHER. DOLL MAKER. I create using items found in my thrift store shopping trips. My art is one of a kind. I create whatever I am inspired to in the spaces of time I can fit into my day. My art pieces generally have imperfections in them that I consider to add to their unique qualities, and charm. I love things rusty, crusty, and distressed!! It’s my goal that when you look at my art, you see the reflection of my love of all things vintage and well loved. In 2009, encouraged by my teacher, doll maker Jane DeRosier, I submitted my dolls to be published in a magazine. I was not only published, I was asked to be a featured artist!! This spring, Art Doll Quarterly was my first publication of what will be FIVE Stampington publications by the end of 2010! In addition to my affiliations with Stampington, I was also published with sister authors Linda Woods and Karen Dinino in their book authored with Pam Deltor, Meeting in the Ladies Room at the end of 2009.

For me art is… Living.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a custom order doll, and TRYING to get some more art journal pages completed!!

Can you tell us a little bit about your Art Journals?

Most of my art journal pages are on a smaller scale. I got started art journaling with Emily Falconbridge’s Deck of ME using playing cards for our art journals, and I fell in love with that format.

Who has inspired you?

Emily Falconbridge was my very first inspiration… followed by Linda Woods who wrote my favorite book about art journaling, Journal Revolution with her sister, Karen Dinino. Along the way, my journey online has led me to meet SO many amazing artists. Many of whom are part of my art journaling prompt blog, A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever” ~The Replacements

Are there any tips to living a creative life that you’d like to share?

Don’t expect to fit it all in. There are so many days when my laundry doesn’t get done, or the floors continue to need sweeping. Don’t let “getting caught up” get in the way of creating.

Where can people find you and your work?

My Website where you can find my links to my etsy shop, my blog and the other THINGS I’m up to!

Thank you Rachel. This was fabulous.

Thank you!!


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Love & Blessings,


  1. I love the Replacements!!! What a great quote!!! Rachel your work is gorgeous as always!!! I just love your page with the yellow rose, and your advice about not fitting it all in is fabulous!!! I’m going to cut it out and paste it in my journal!!!

  2. ChristineB
    May 11, 2011

    Wonderful interview. Not fitting it all in? I notice its the chores and not the art that can’t be fitted in – brilliant. As soon as I read about the dolls I raced over to the website to see. Rachel, your dolls are just gorgeous!!! I love to make dolls myself so I am very inspired. I’m so looking forward to taking your class over at 21 Secrets.


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