Inspiring Artist, Mindy Tsonas

Surprise, I have another artist interview for you! There is just so much inspiration out there I can’t help myself 🙂

This week’s “Inspiring Artist” is the lovely Mindy Tsonas of Wish Studios. In addition to this thoughtful interview, Mindy has some exciting news to share with you. She will be featured in Christine Mason Miller’s ( new book, Desire to Inspire, that hits shelves next month.

Yahoo, congratulations Mindy!

What does art mean to you?

For me art is… a part of the intimate story that tells the tale of your life.

What are you currently working on?

Since so much of my work is virtual, these days I am really being called to bring the wishstudio to life with more in-person events. I love connecting with other women who have a passion for creative work, and to gather share, learn and grow together is just so magical! There is nothing like the energy of like-minded spirits coming together. The network of heart-centered support and friendships that grow out of these is never short of inspiring! There is always so much richness to share. It is essential to my creative being to not only write about creative living, but to really be living my creative life!

Who has inspired you?

I truly gain inspiration everywhere i go, in all forms and mediums. I love that about creative living! There have been those who have, through sincere kindness and pure generosity of spirit, have help to significantly shift my own life and work into new and amazing places. Christine Mason Miller was one of those people, as well as Karen Maezen Miller, and Jamie Ridler. While it’s very much about resonating with and connecting to their work, it really was initially being able to connect with them as real human beings – that they cared to meet me out there on the ledge when I reached out! I am grateful for them in so many wonderful ways.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

(one of my many favorites!) “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Are there any tips to living a creative life that you’d like to share?

Chase what makes you light up inside! It may not be easy, but it’s worth all the hard work and all bumps and bruises along the way to find your truth and your joy. If you shine brightly, others
will too.

Where can people find you and your work?

Join my creative living community for classes, both online and locally (Boston area), ongoing inspiration, and lots of opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow creatives!

my website –
my blog –


  1. mindy
    October 24, 2011

    thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with your community, jeniffer! it’s such a treat and an honor. happy creating everyone!

  2. Swirly
    October 25, 2011

    I am so honored to have Mindy in the book!!


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