Grant Proposal

I just finished putting together my first ever grant proposal. When people say they are a lot of work, they aren’t kidding. It has been a time consuming, detail oriented process. A process I am now incredibly grateful for. It helped me to step back and look at all that I have accomplished and to focus on where I want to go next with my art. Before being able to write a narrative for someone else to review I had to be very clear on my own intentions. At first this was challenging. I was trying to force an answer, not let one unfold.

It was a long walk in the woods during a family vacation that brought about the clarity I was searching for. Nature was my answer. In every moment of being in the woods or by the lake I was filled with inspiration and wonder. I marveled at the sunlight specked on leaves and the surreal dance of light on rippling waves. Nature inspires me, nature refreshes me, calms me and brings me back to myself. I want my art to reflect this once again, but in a new way. I want to combine my passion for nature with the expressive art techniques I have been working with. In essence combining my landscape paintings with new energy and emotion… and using materials that dry a little more quickly.

So for my official proposal I am asking for financial assistance to cover some professional artist workshops and art supplies to create a new body of work. Regardless of the outcome of the grant, I am now clear on my own artistic vision. I see some new and beautiful things on the horizon!

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