“I do not pray for success, I ask for faithfulness.”
– Mother Teresa

I have begun taking morning walks. It is a simple thing, but this time alone is a way of centering myself before the business of my day. It is a time to breathe, to think my own thoughts, to simply listen to the birds singing or watch the sun rise over the lake. Sometimes I sit by the lake for a few minutes and breathe it all in.

I feel a deep sense of peace in these moments. I think to myself, I do not know what this new adventure of ours is supposed to look like. I do not know what I need to do to make it work. Yet, somehow I feel we are moving towards the answers. Knowing what the end result will be or how to “make” it work isn’t what we need right now.

As the beautiful quote above points out what we need is faithfulness. Faith in our dreams. Faith in following what feels right in our hearts. It is what we all truly need.

I invite you to take a walk with me…

Dream big dreams, follow your heart & have a beautiful day!


  1. Christi
    February 28, 2011

    What a beautiful place to walk. I’m glad you’re enjoying so many gorgeous days with your family.

  2. ann hair
    March 1, 2011

    I admire your faith in following your dreams. Love your adventurous spirit and ability to stay calm in the face of uncertainty.

    1. Jeniffer
      March 1, 2011

      Thank you Ann and Christi for your continued support! It means the world to me.


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