Wishcasting Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again. I had such a wonderful experience participating in Jamie Riddler Studio’s Wishcasting Wednesday last week. I just had to do it again and plan to do more in the future as well. Thank you again to everyone who held my wish in their hearts and allowed me to hold theirs in mine.

This week Jamie asks “Where do you wish to go slow?”

“There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.” -Gandhi

I have to admit that the question stumped me a bit. It seems as though we often tell ourselves that getting someplace quickly is the goal. Most assuredly it is not always the case. In fact the more I thought about it, the more slowly I wished to go everywhere. My official wish this week is inspired by this remembrance.

I wish to WALK SLOWLY through this world ENJOYING every MOMENT. I wish to BREATHE in the BEAUTY that surrounds me. I wish to FEEL the LOVE that surrounds me in every UNFOLDING MOMENT of NOW.

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