Where I Create My Art – Blog Party!

Karen Valentine of “My Desert Cottage” is hosting the 2nd Annual Where Bloggers Create Party. The party officially begins on June 19th. Over 450 artists are linking up and sharing posts. I am excited to be participating in this fun event!
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at where I create.

Most of my creating is done at my home studio, which occupies two separate areas. My desk is where I go to work on most of my small projects; collage, writing, visual journals, beading, etc.

It is also where I go for inspiration. I have surrounded my work space with things that inspire me and bring me joy. In the center of my desk I keep a large collage filled with images of things that I want to focus on and tons of inspirational quotes. My latest acquisition came in a card from my aunt and reads “Our aspirations are our possibilities,” -Robert Browning. I just love that one.

Art supplies fill every nook on my shelving. The space above the shelving is typically lined with magazines and books I am working through. Around my desk hangs art created by my friends and a few inspirational wall hangings I have received as gifts. It is such a joy to sit down and create here!

Oil paintings come to life in the studio area. Although it is a small room, I have found ways to make the most of my space. I work on a collapsible easel that can easily be folded flat when not in use. A rolling kitchen cart perfectly holds my painting supplies and palette. Metal utility shelving works to house extra supplies, canvas, and completed works.

It is also where I display letters written from collectors and gifts I have received from my students. Remembering that my work has touched others helps to keep me motivated.

Then there are the bookshelves. There are rows of books dedicated to artists, art making, art therapy, art marketing, and my own completed journals. Not to mention the hundreds of other books scattered throughout our home. My space would not be complete without them. I love books!

There is a little desk right next to mine for the future artist in our family…

Thank you for stopping by! While you are here, I invite you to peek around my online studio and gallery as well.

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