What if…

What box(es) do you find yourself stuck in? When I first began my painting career full-time, I worked hard to define a personal style. I worked even harder to come up with that 2 minute elevator pitch to explain my style. For years I played within this self-defined box.

One evening I met an artist who opened new doors for me. Entering her North Carolina studio space was like walking into boutique shop. There were vibrant paintings hanging on the walls, shelves with ceramic figurines, and display racks with beaded ornaments. All of it was filled with joy and passion, as was the artist herself.

I still remember her southern warmth as she told her philosophy, “Honey, why should I put all my eggs in one basket when I can have lots of eggs in lots of baskets?”

While this idea ran contrary to the advice I had previously heard, it spoke to me. It opened up new possibilities for playing, experimenting, and having fun with the process of painting. Most importantly it allowed me to step out of my box and follow my heart.

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