Trust Your Rhythm

Are you a go with the flow person, or do you like to feel more in control? Learning to lean into the cycles and rhythms of life is a true blessing. I mean, you can fight the rhythm if you like, I sometimes do. I forget and I panic when things don’t go the way I think they should or when they should.

Luckily those feelings come farther and farther apart. Most of the time I smile when I notice myself trying to push and pull life into my mold. I pause and take a deep breath. Then lean into the present moment exactly as it is.

Cycles present themselves in nature, in relationships, in careers, and certainly in creativity. As an artist I have felt times of creative explosion as well as times of creative rest. I am learning to enjoy both and most importantly to not judge myself either way.

It took time, practice, lots of meditation and learning to be curious about my own rhythms.

Wishing you love & blessings on your creative journey. -Jen

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