Today’s Wishcasting prompt from Jamie Ridler Studios is “What do you wish to transform?” I love it! Life is, after all, a series of change and transformation.

Today, as I WISH for MYSELF, I also WISH for the WORLD. I WISH to TRANSFORM my PERSPECTIVE towards the EARTH. I WISH to SEE the ABUNDANCE which WE are freely GIVEN. I WISH to SEE US GIVING back by nurturing that which SUSTAINS US.

This is a wish of transformation. I openly admit that I have labeled and judged others for saying or doing what I just wrote. I even find that I am labeling myself these days as I fill my grocery cart with organic food packaged in 100% recycled materials. “Crunchy tree hugger.” But as I have said before, life is about change and this is a change I am feeling drawn to at this time in my life. I am beginning my transformation, but it is far from complete. Thank you for holding this wish with me as I move forward.

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