The Art of You

I invite you to come join me live in the studio as I share techniques for painting & living an inspired life on “The Art of You.”  The best part is with New Thought Classics’ (Formerly New Thought Channel) YouTube programming, you can watch the show when ever you like.


Show Description:

Inspire your Creative Spirit through The Art of You with Jen Hutchins.  In this series Rev. Jen of Unity Arts Ministry demonstrates step-by-step acrylic painting techniques while reflecting on spiritual principles. Designed with the novice in mind, her simple compositions and warm smile will help boost your confidence with paint, while the more experienced artist will be inspired to infuse their work with a spiritual context.


It’s time to let your inner light shine on the canvas and in your life. Rev. Jen shows you how to create a loose and playful sunflower using a masking technique.

Join Rev. Jen in the studio as she demonstrates how to paint an ocean scene with an unbroken horizon. This simple painting process reveals a powerful spiritual truth of unity and harmony.

Description: Knowing that our thoughts help form our reality, we can choose to create joy in our lives and in our art. In this episode Rev. Jen provides tips for creating a landscape and invites you to paint with the care-free joy of a child.

By bringing spiritual awareness to all we do, each act becomes a prayer. Fill your palette with vibrant hues for this demonstration of painted prayer as Rev. Jen shows you how to create a beautiful sunset with silhouetted trees.

It is not enough to know spiritual truth, we must live the truth we know. Rev. Jen demonstrates how to create a woodland path as a reminder to walk the path of spiritual love, light and understanding.

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