I love it when the perfect message presents itself to me. I’ve had a lot going on lately and have a lot ahead of me. It is a blessing that I am grateful for, but too often I feel myself stuck in what I’ve just done or what I need to do next. When I am in that place I forget to be in the here and now. We all do this far too often. In the midst of our busy everyday lives it is so important to take the time to simply BE, to breathe, and to give thanks for the beauty of this life.

In the middle of running around this morning thinking of all I had to do I stopped. I breathed. I picked up The Daily Word and read…

Friday, August 06, 2010

In the stillness of my soul, all is well.

Late on a quiet summer evening, I look at the stars and feel the deep serenity of the night sky. My thoughts fall away. I am serene and still within my soul. The vast universe is constant, yet ever-changing, expanding in perfect order–and so am I.

At times it may feel as if my life is changing too fast. So when I need to reconnect with peace and serenity, I go within to the stillness that awaits my awareness. In the quiet of meditation, I feel at one with God. I feel love and a deep sense of purpose. I allow myself to imagine all that I can be, knowing that all things needed for my success are provided. From my place of inner stillness, I begin anew, assured that all is well.

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