Real Life Fairytale

Each of us has unique dreams longing to be expressed in the world. Sitting outside of Baynac Castle in southern France, I felt the pure energy of living a dream come true. Travel, painting, and holding space for others to explore their Creative Spirit are passions of mine. To be leading an art retreat on another continent was pure magic to my soul.

Friends, I’m hooked! I am going back to France next year and exploring venues for future retreats in other countries.

What are your soul’s longings? What dreams keep bubbling up to the surface? What single step today can you take to express you are taking your dreams seriously.

You don’t need to book a retreat overseas – although if you want to there is room to join me in July – a simple step is enough. Spend time contemplating your dreams. Write about them and put them to paper. If you wish to travel, consider learning a new language, buying a carry-on bag, or sipping a cafe au lait wile eating a croissant. Little “yes” moments are powerful magnets.

Where ever you are, what ever your dreams, I wish you love and blessings on your creative journey.

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