Past the Labels

Journal page inspired by “Improvisation Station” at 21 Secrets.

This morning I feel as though I am seeing myself more clearly. I am seeing past the labels I and others have given me. I am seeing deep into the core of my being. What I see there is Love.

I have been here before, this place of knowing my true self. Sometimes that knowing gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life. I go back to accepting the labels and limitations.

Pablo Picasso was right when he said
“Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”
The act of engaging in creativity clears the mind of our daily physical existence. It allows us to get in touch with a deeper part of ourselves.

Since 21 Secrets has started, I have been spending a lot of time engaging in my own creativity and reading about the creative experiences of others. Together we are shaking off the dust and finding our shining true selves beneath. What I am seeing is that we are not only finding ourselves, but finding each other within ourselves.

I’ve just worked my way through the class “Improvisation Station” with Natasha Reilly. This experience magnified what I have been feeling for the last week. Natasha asked us to describe ourselves without using labels.

After completing the exercises myself, I read the entries of other students. My eyes filled with tears as I saw myself in their answers. Many times we even shared the EXACT SAME answers.

There are close to 400 people from all over the world participating in 21 Secrets and I am seeing myself in every one of them.

Last night a student’s journal page that really struck my heart. It read…
“I believe art journaling can heal the world.”

I believe she is right. What is so magical about it, is that it is a creative outlet available to everyone. It is not just for artists or writers. Anyone can START an art journal TODAY and experience HEALING & SELF DISCOVERY! That is why I love this medium so much.

Another student, Lisa Lawler posted this comment on her blog…

“I thought I was signing up for art workshops when I joined 21 Secrets; I had no idea how beautiful or special or sacred – yes, sacred is a good word – this space was going to be. It’s not just about creating art, it’s about love, celebration, freedom and healing too.”

I am so awe struck at the experiences I am seeing at 21 Secrets, I want everyone I know to be a part of this healing. That means YOU! It’s not too late to register. Click here for details.

If you have any questions at all about the workshop, the content, the format, etc. please do not hesitate to ask me.  I know you will get so much out of this opportunity.  I don’t want any uncertainties to hold you back.  Contact me at

Love & Blessings,


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