Paint On

The Journey
“The Journey” Acrylic Painting by Jeniffer Hutchins


Paint On!

Endless possibilities pour forth

From the Source of my being

The Source of all life, 

The Creator of the Universe.


The light is always shining

I need only flip the switch.


I open my mind 

As I close my eyes

My heart sees with love

The infinite Source

My greatest potential

I am here to be the light.


With lavender wings 

I am guided

Protected and enfolded in peace.


My passion calls

My heart it sings

To demonstrate the love of Creator

To be the created in expression


My life is painted

Stroke by stroke

Bold, vibrant, joyful

An infinite landscape

A playground

A road to travel

This is the journey

Spirit in the world of man.

Paint on!


In Love & Blessings,

Jeniffer Hutchins

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