Making Art, Making Time

INSPIRATION is truly going to be flowing all around us at the retreat!  Artist, Jenifer Chappell is flying in from Massachusetts to share her creative story and her beautiful glass jewelry.

Making Art, Making Time

Presented by, Jenifer Chappell

If you think you just don’t have enough time to make art, think again!  This inspiring presentation will help to change your mind.  Learn how to find inspiration in everything around you and how to fit your art back into your life.

Jenifer Chappell

owner – Elements of Fusion

For me art is something that comes naturally, which keeps me going, and continually heals.

I spent most of my high school years avoiding everything but art, so I knew going off to college that I should probably focus on what I could do, that would satisfy all of my needs. I spent a number of years at various colleges and universities trying to figure it all out.  In the process of course, I married my husband and started working at a school for children with Autism.  Eleven years have passed by and I still am married, still work for the same school and now have two beautiful children.  The time that I am able to devote to my passion for the arts is limited, but it is an essential part of who I am.

For now I simply make time for my art when I can.  When my son is napping and after the kids are in bed is my time for me.  Some people relax by reading or watching TV but I don’t sit well.  Being creative keeps my mind going and gives me energy, okay the coffee helps too!   It is not easy, some days are more successful than others, and I learned that if I don’t have expectations but rather goals it is much more rewarding.

Glass is an amazing medium that has become my favorite to work with.   I can work for 5 minutes or for countless hours at a time.  I think this is why I developed such a passion for it.  I am able to complete many small projects quickly and it gives me a great satisfaction when I stand back and look at what I’ve accomplished.   Someday when my kids are older I will work on big projects again, but for now I love what I am doing and have had an amazing response from so many people!

Reawaken Creative Dreams
September 30th – October 2nd, 2011
The Bend of Ivy Lodge, Marshall, NC (just outside of Asheville)

“Reawaken Creative Dreams” is a relaxing soul quenching Art retreat. Everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not you call yourself “an artist.” I believe within us all lies a creative spirit waiting to be set free! Click here for more information.


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