Lose your fear


For most of us, the idea of starting something new is often met with fear on some level.  Usually the underlying source of the fear is uncertainty.  New = Unknown.  Perhaps we will succeed, perhaps we will fail, perhaps we will start and not finish.  We get caught up in an internal dialogue of “what ifs.”  The seemingly safe thing to do, according to our fearful ego, is to not start at all.  

Of course if we choose to listen to this fearful voice and choose to never start anything new life would get pretty dull and boring.  One of the tricks to overcoming the fear is to make friends with it.  Seriously.  Sit down and listen to the fear, let it be heard.  Just like a little child, if you try to ignore it, it won’t go away, but gets louder and more persistent.  When you hear the fear voice start chattering in your mind stop and listen.  What is the voice saying?   What is it afraid of: failure, looking foolish, lack of skill, success, attention, finances, relationships?  What are it’s beliefs?  Does the fear remind you of anyone in your life?  

Once you hear the fear out, take a moment to console it.  Let your fear know that it has been heard.  Then make a positive affirmation of why you are going to start on your new idea.  For example, “Fear, I hear your concern of looking foolish if I try out this new painting technique and it fails.  Trust me though, it’s going to be ok.  This is going to be fun!  Sometimes things don’t work out the first time and that’s alright.  A failed attempt will not take away my worthiness for love and acceptance.”  

We were born to create!  Every day of our lives is an opportunity to create something new.  What are you called to create today?  Do not let fear keep you from starting.  


Ready to dig deeper?  Creative living and overcoming fear is the topic for this month’s Artist’s Way Creativity Group.  Join the journey with creative peers online via FaceBook or at local KC classes. For additional details click here.

Our next local meeting is Wednesday November 2nd, 2016, 6:30-8:30pm @ Unity Temple on the Plaza • 707 W 47th St • Kansas City, MO 64112 • 816-561-4466 /Power & Light Room

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