Life lesson #3589

Every moment of our lives presents a new opportunity for learning and personal growth.  The trick is being aware; listening and seeing with keenness.  But that’s not all, we must also take the time to acknowledge what we are experiencing and what we can learn from it.   Then we may apply what we have learned into our lives.

This past week I found myself forgetting to listen, forgetting to pay attention, forgetting to slow down.  There were things that needed to be done, places to go, people to see, blah, blah, blah.  I got caught up in it – Full Speed Ahead!   In my busy busy mode I did not take the time for my morning walks.  I did not reflect on my day and my thoughts in my journal.  I did not allow myself the time to sit quietly and meditate.

And so, life – in it’s not so subtle ways- has reminded me to SLOW DOWN.  It began with a sharp pain in my back as I darted across the room racing from one thing to the next.  “Slow down” my body said.  The pain went away quickly, so I didn’t listen.

Then we got a flat tire in the middle of a four hour drive.  The air pressure in our spare was too low to drive on.  We waited on the side of a peaceful country road for nearly an hour before assistance arrived.  “Slow down” life said.  I didn’t listen.


A few days later I stubbed my toes on a basked full of books as I ran into my bedroom.  “Slow down.”  I heard it this time.  I actually stopped and said out loud “I need to slow down.”  But by morning time I found myself running around again making breakfast for Noah, thinking about work I needed to get done in the afternoon.  I turned a corner and wham!  I jammed my toe right into a metal step stool.  “SLOW DOWN!!!”  This time I have no choice but to listen.  Foot up.  Ice applied.

I wish I had listened sooner.  Now I hear the message loud and clear.  It’s time to take a rest.  The perfect opportunity to sit in quiet meditation.  The perfect time to reflect on what I have learned by writing in my journal.  I may still have to pass on the morning walk, for a few more days anyway.

Life lesson #3589: “SLOW DOWN!”

Love & Blessings,

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