Inspiring Artist, Jane Davenport

If you are an artist who has ever thought you need to define yourself with just one artistic outlet, this week’s interview will surely change your mind.  Join me for an inspirational chat with artist, Jane Davenport.

Be sure to also check out her class “Draw Happy” over at 21 Secrets.

Hi Jane, Please introduce yourself and your art a little bit.


Hi I’m Jane Davenport | Artomologist… the worlds leading Artomologist. Well, I made the word up, so am also the only one! I had to invent a name for my profession for when I was asked, ” so what do you do?” and answering with, “I photograph ladybirds and butterflies” just didn’t cut it. But my ‘Artomological’ practice has gone on to encompass all of my art output which includes painting, drawing, illustration and writing, as well as photographic art.

I’ve had my own magazine column, written 5 books and my artwork continues to be exhibited all over the world. I work with Botanic Gardens and Zoos to create large- scale art installations. My artwork is also licensed to some fantastic companies and I have fashion, homewares, stationery and poster ranges. I opened my own Concept Store and Gallery to house all my designs and artwork with my husband in blissful Byron Bay 3 years ago.

I also blog, have an online store and am a mad keen visual / art journaler.
It sounds like a lot when I write it down! But I’ve been at this for 10 years…

For me art is...

Essential! It’s the breathing space we need. It’s the reflection on what has happened. It’s the inspiration for new ideas to move forward.  Art has the ability to make a person stop and think about more than just themselves and their immediate surrounds, to take the wider view, and at the same time, it makes up focus on the smallest details of our existence and analyze what we are doing.

It has power and pleasure wrapped up in it.

What are you currently working on?

Developing my Draw Happy class into a full workshop. I’ve loved all aspects of preparing for 21 Secrets. And that is only topped by the interaction with my students. I can’t wait to do more.

Can you tell us a little bit about your Art Journals?

I started AJing last year. And I am still astonished at how helpful and nourishing the process is. How keeping an AJ led me to some real life truths and deeper understanding of myself and my responses to the world. How I function, what drives me, it has deepened my appreciations and gratitudes and helped me slough off and manage some unhealthy relationships. Pretty heavy stuff for a blank book…!

As a result of my love for journalling, I am somewhat of an AJ evangelist. I truly believe the AJ practice makes people ‘better’ ie: more informed about themselves. It’s like writing a manual for your own life, in your own visual language…well that’s how my journal feels to me.

Who has inspired you?

I live in a inspirationally volatile body…i go through cycles where I am just exploding with ideas and creative muses visiting me en masse.The trick for me is managing that abundantly inspired state which has me sleeping very little, and angst-y and irritable if i can’t get to my work and the ideas I’m generating. I need rest and relaxation after a inspiration, so I have learned to savour the creative quiet times as much as the creative flow high times.

I have learned to get inside my own creative bubble when i am feeling inspired. I have to limit the time I spend looking at others work especially online. A little inspiration is motivational, and thats cool, but If I feel myself comparing my work or myself to others it can be a disaster for me emotionally!

Favourite artists include Tara McPherson, Mark Ryden, Audrey Kawasaki, Erte and all the WW2 pinup girl artists.
I find music endlessly inspirational…Lisa Mitchell writes lyrics that speak to my heart.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

the hardest part about being creative is getting used to it.

Are there any tips to living a creative life that you’d like to share?

Draw everyday! Practicing something you adore is the loveliest recreation.

Engage in Workshops.

Find a Life Drawing class/ group.

Where can people find you and your work?

Jane, thank you again for participating in the interview series.  What a beautiful interview!  I especially loved your response to art is…  Right on!

-lots of fun, and thank you again for the opportunity of being included on your blog!

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