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Artist’s Way Creativity Groups

“Creative clusters, where we gather as peers to develop our strength, are best regarded as tribal gatherings, where creative beings raise, celebrate, …

Newport Field


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In Praise of Arts Ministry

“Art heightens our awareness of the divine presence that is all around us.”—Michael Bauer, Arts Ministry: Nurturing the Creative Life of God’s …


Create a Masterpiece

You are a one of a kind original.  You have unique gifts, talents and perspectives to share with the world.  Consider yourself …


Trust the Process

“Trust the process to lead you to the next step of unfoldment and creativity.”  These words I wrote ten years ago still …


Dive In

Do you like to dip your toes in a pool to adjust to the temperature, or, are you the type of person who …


Being In The Flow

Artists often talk about being “in the flow.”  For me, this expression refers to being so engrossed in creative expression that all …


Getting Still

Being still in a world of business and to-do lists can seem impossible at times.  Trust me, as a mother to a …


Art In A Box

Do you put your art in a box?  This journal page, written several years ago, was the result of recognizing that I …


Lose your fear

For most of us, the idea of starting something new is often met with fear on some level.  Usually the underlying source …