Focus: gratitude

With the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching us here in the US the theme of gratitude is on everyone’s mind.  I thought I would add my gratuitous 2 cents by sharing an excerpt on gratitude from the book I am currently writing.  

“Be grateful for all you have, from health, friendships and family, to the air you breathe. When you focus on all that you have, you learn all that you have to give to others. As we give in gratitude and love we will receive more gratitude and love in our lives.”  

May this week be a reminder of all that we have to be grateful for.  May your love and gratitude pour forth and bless everyone who you encounter!

I am personally grateful to be spending my week with family coming in from both sides of the country.  As I am visiting with them, I’ll be taking a break from work & blogging.  Although, you will still see some more new paintings which I’ve already scheduled to post 🙂  See you again next week!    

Love & Blessings,


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