Some days I get caught up in trying to make things happen. I think we all do. However, in my experience, it seems as though things actually happen when I’m not putting so much effort into them. When I relax, let go and just do what I love, things work out in beautiful and unexpected ways.

While we were on our trip, I wrote a long journal entry about all of the times this has happened in my career. Today I’ll share the story of how I received my first solo show. We were living in San Diego, California at the time. I submitted a painting to a group show at “The Institute for Arts Education” where I was teaching. The painting was one of the first in a new series of oil paintings inspired by our cross country trip from Rhode Island out to San Diego the previous year.

A day or so after the reception of the show, I received a phone call from someone interested in my work. She was the artist liaison for a major annual art venue in San Diego. We spoke about my work and set up a date for her to visit my home studio. At the time of her visit I only had three of my cross-country inspired landscapes completed. Before leaving she asked how many pieces I could have done by the time of the show. Apparently she liked my answer because she then offered me a solo show in their downtown gallery along with the honor of being the featured artist for the annual event.

This one opportunity was a major turning point in my artistic career. Along with the exhibition itself I received a lot of publicity from the event. I was featured in a local magazine, promoted the event on the news and was interviewed for future publicity of the event.

It is amazing to think that I didn’t have to “try” to make this happen. It simply unfolded out before me as I allowed myself to be fully immersed in what I love. I am so grateful for remembering this important truth!

I’m ready to let go again. Would you like to join me?

All paintings on this post were a part of my first solo show, “Across America.” For more information visit my online gallery here.

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  1. Cheryl
    February 23, 2011

    That’s awesome. I try not to “want” things to happen and just let them unfold on their own, also.
    From the thumbnail, on your facebook page, I thought the U haul pic was real.


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