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While going through my personal journals, I came across the following entry.  At the end of the entry was a note encouraging me to post it on my blog along with “The Daily Word” for the day.   Obviously I haven’t yet. 
My inner Spirit has been reminding lately me of the importance of follow through, so I figured I should go ahead and post this now.

This journal entry in process.  Photo taken by my husband, Dan.

September 1, 2010

Where to begin today? I suppose I should start by saying that Dan and I are on vacation. We’re at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Marion, NC. Our campsite is surrounded by tall pines and is situated next to a small lake with chirping frogs and an assortment of unseen bugs singing in chorus.

Things are often best told as they happen. There are more details of thoughts and feelings associated with fresh experiences. However, I’d like to start this next part of my entry by going backwards for a little while. About three years ago, Dan and I came up with a shared dream. The dream was to purchase an RV, to travel the country and to share our experiences with others. To put it very simply.

At the time, we had no idea how we were to do this or where the financial means would come from to complete this, but it was a shared dream and we know the power of such thoughts. In general we are not planners. Dan and I as a couple have always been known to follow “crazy” ideas without any sort of back up plan. To us it is the inspiration and the feeling behind it that moves us. Knowing that an idea feels right to both of us is usually all we need to put action into it and trust that things will work out.

We trusted that our RV dreams would one day manifest into reality. We thought it out some; how much things would cost, what we would like to do, where we would like to go. These were shared stories over dinner or morning coffee. I even cut out a few images of RVs or scenic drives that caught my attention and hung them on the wall in our apartment.

Then life happened, as it tends to do. We moved, we had a baby, we went on with life. We still attended every RV show that came to town. We also planned our blog through which we would share our travel stories and bits of inspiration. Dan came up with the clever title “Driven to Inspire.”

A year and a half from the time our dream began we purchased an RV. So far we have primarily used it for family vacations with our son, Noah, who absolutely loves camping. This week is the first time Dan and I have traveled alone while Noah is at home with his grandparents. Being on this trip together reminded us both of our original intentions and dreams to share our stories with others. And so, this morning as I sat lakeside drinking my coffee I just knew I needed to write our story. There needed to be a beginning, an introductory post for “Driven to Inspire.”

I’m still not sure what the “plan” is. Just as with all inspired thoughts, I know only that we need to begin and simply trust that the rest will unfold.

Photos from the campsite taken by Dan.

The Daily Word, September 1, 2010

I design my life in cooperation with the Divine.

Made in the image and likeness of God, we human beings have the capacity to design and create through our spiritual, mental and physical capabilities. Each one of us is an artist, a creator at our core, designing and weaving the fabric of our lives in cooperation with the Divine. We may ask ourselves: ‘With God as my partner, what masterpiece do I want to consciously create?’

We each have unique skills and strengths. One person may create a brilliant computer program; another, a stunning work of art; and yet another, a harmonious home with children who feel loved and worthy. The ways in which we create are endless. May we all share our beautiful gifts with the world!”

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  1. Judy T.
    January 18, 2011

    You and Dan have so much creativity and talent!!
    I’m looking forward to following your next adventures, whatever
    they may be 😉
    love and hugs!


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