Lake Johnson

Creativity is any and all acts of creation. It is simply taking an idea in our mind and making it manifest in the outer world.Whether it be dance, painting, pottery, writing or music, the arts are all important creative outlets. You may also look at gardening, landscaping, baking, fashion and architecture and find the same creative process.

This creative process is an important part of who we are. Creative expression is not just in or for some people. The ability to create is a natural human experience. It is the creative Spirit within us that allows us to see that which isn’t yet manifest and to create it from the thought in our mind. It’s really quite amazing, almost magical.

It is important that we make use of the power of creation in our lives. Make time to be the creative being you are meant to be. Try new recipes in the kitchen, sign up for dance lessons, learn to play the guitar, take an art class, write a journal, or start being more creative with your daily wardrobe. See all of life as a chance for creative expression.

If you already have a specific creative passion, then by all means, DO IT! If you absolutely love painting portraits of people’s pets, get going. Chances are once you allow the creativity to flow through you, it will seem easier to make the time for it in the future.

Where ever you are right now in your life, begin to make it more creative. Creativity is one key to unlocking Joy in our lives!

Love & Blessings on your creative journey!

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